First Painting!

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Spring River 7″x 5″ Oil on Panel

Here it is! The first of many paintings. This will be going live up for auction on May 21st. I thought I would just send out a teaser! I love the play of the river against the banks and the shadow of the clould on the hills. This was a beautiful day.

Here we go!

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This is the introductory post to our new site! We are excited to get this going and start posting amazing small paintings that will be up for auction every day! We hope that you will follow us here and see what amazing new creations Geoff comes up with. Spread the word and share with your friends. See what an artist sees everyday and what is going on in his studio. Feel free to comment. We would love to hear from you!

Thanks! Susan Krueger

A new gallery

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Iv’e just signed with the Sue Greenwood Gallery in Laguna Beach. Her gallery is right on PCH. I am set to open a show of 10 to 12 paintings in April 2010, so I’m considering what it will be. The show must be cohesive. I imagine seeing the paintings hanging in the gallery. The possibilities are tantalizing and endless. As the show takes shape I’ll post them on my blog.

In my studio today I will listen to John Mayer at high decibles, slap paint on several canvases and take two extra strength excedrin to stave off a tooth ache until I can see a dentist. Good luck Geoff.


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I have started a BLOG! I think it will be a great outlet for art and thoughts to collide! I will add pictures soon…