I teach weekly painting classes in my studio. In these classes we go over techniques and composition for your own projects. I occasionally also give demos on my own pieces so you can see how I approach different situations.

Where: 3041 Chinden Blvd. Garden City, ID on the Southeast corner of 31st and Chinden.

Time: Tuesdays from 4:30-7:00 pm

Cost: $25 per session



“I highly recommend painting lessons from Geoff.  His methods are based on years of experience and his eye for color has challenged me to more closely attend the color wheel.  He is excellent at creating a sense of collaboration between artist and teacher, patiently guides problem solving, and compliments sincerely.  The camaraderie in the class is uplifting.” — Nadine Kranz

“Even though I attended art school and took private lessons in the past I was in many aspects still painting intuitively.  Over the past year, Geoff has helped me take my artwork to new levels.  I am now starting to paint decisively with a stronger understanding of color, composition and illusion.  He is able to break down the complexity of painting into parts that are easy to understand and apply to your own artwork.  For me, painting with Geoff is an opportunity of a lifetime.”  – John Padlo

“After attending Pasadena Art Center and illustrating for many years, it has been a whole new world of painting for me since I started classes with Geoff. My skills as a painter have excelled! Geoff’s insight and knowledge with space and light is inspiring.”  — Tony Rios