A few things have happened since 2009. I got into the Patricia Rovzar gallery in downtown Seattle. It is a beautiful space and I am excited to start selling there. I think my landscapes will be a perfect fit. There is so much beauty in Washington and I am going to plan a trip over there this summer to take in the scenery. My wife has been twice this last year and has been raving about the ‘green’!
I have redesigned my website with the help of a good friend, John Padlo. He did a great job. I love looking at other artist sites and reading about their working environments and techniques- so I am trying my hand at the web world. Hence the blog.
I also launched a painting a day! I like doing these small pieces because it’s like notes and possibly will lead to some larger pieces. Normally my work is quite large and takes a long time to get everthing right. Today I painted some water lilies (you know, you just gotta do it at least once). it gets me out of my comfort zone.
That’s it for now

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  1. Jan Hicken
    December 5, 2012

    So glad to see you are doing well. Always have enjoyed your work. Keep the faith.

    Steve and Jan