I have been getting some questions about my site so I thought I would clear a few things up.

I am accomplishing a painting everyday that will go up for auction on Ebay. I will always have a link here to get to the auction. I have chosen to keep the paintings consistently 5″x7″ so that they are easy for me to ship and you to frame. So far this process has just ignited my imagination and made me a better painter. I look at things differently and am able to analyze images on a smaller scale. And I am working with Susan, my wife. This has brought us closer together. We do most everything together-but she is focusing on this too and knows alot more about the computer world then I do! Thank heavens!

So have a look at today’s painting- and check it out at auction.

I have always enjoyed getting off the beaten path on my way to work or on the way to anywhere, for that matter.

This is one of those back roads with trees that protect.


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